Becoming an Associate

All members of Newnham College Roll are eligible to become an Associate. A potential Associate is someone who has a proven track record in her chosen career path, unsung or well known, with qualities, skills and experience that could be used to help the College and its students. Associates must be interested in the future of Newnham, and be prepared to give some time to the College.

New members are elected at the Associates’ AGM, held in November each year. They serve for a term of about 10 years, with an option to retire early if their circumstances and ability to contribute change. In electing new Associates we seek to renew and enrich the range of backgrounds, skills and experience we make available to the College.

Express an interest

The application process takes 9-12 months, beginning in the winter when discussions are held between those Newnhamites who express an interest in becoming an Associate, or who have been suggested by someone else, and members of the Associates’ Committee. This is an opportunity to explore expectations and potential contributions and for committee members to clarify what being an Associate means. Those who decide to go forward as applicants are sent a CV form and further information.

In recent years there have often been more candidates than vacancies. The deadline for applications therefore varies according to the number of vacancies, but is usually near the beginning of the calendar year.  Prospective candidates can also express an interest for a future election; committee members will ensure they make timely contact with all such candidates.

Submit CV

The next stage is submission of CVs, which are required by the end of May each year, in order to allow current Associates to have an update and brief discussion of candidates at the June meeting. The election takes place at the November AGM.  

Become an Associate

New Associates are offered a buddy to guide them through the first steps of being an Associate. Committee members speak to all unsuccessful candidates, who are invited to consider applying again.

After the 10-year term as an Associate ends, there is an option to become an Honorary Associate. Honorary Associates are Associates who would like to continue a close and active engagement with the College. They are able to attend all meetings, but cannot vote.

Contact us

If you are interested in becoming an Associate or wish to suggest someone for election please contact Jen Ablitt.